The adventure started in Spain, where three friends who are passionate about sports, healthy lifestyle and organic fruit and vegetable production, started realising that their friends, family members and even themselves don´t follow healthy enough diets. They started to search for improvement.

This is how, by uniting our passions, Be Green was born.


We have been organic fruit and vegetable growers for over 10 years. We cultivate a wide range of stone fruits such as plums, peaches and apricots, as well as exotic fruits like mangoes and papayas.

We have also been cultivating a wide range of vegetables such as, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, carrots, asparagus, pumpkins etc.

Organic agriculture is our lifestyle, the only way not to damage ecological systems and       co-operate with sustainable development. We intend to satisfy modern generations without endangering the capacity of future ones.


Our goal is to make Be Green juices and its nutritional benefits available to the widest possible public, including those immersed in fast-paced lifestyle who look for a quick and easy way to keep fit and stay healthy.

“You are what you eat”, someone once said. Our diet has a direct influence on how we feel physically as well as mentally so why not consume what is best for our bodies and minds.

In Be Green we nurture our raw materials and pay close attention to every detail related to their welfare. All our juices are organic and free from pesticides, chemical pesticides, GMOs, colourants, preservatives and added sugars. We are committed to ensuring maximum quality and safety of our raw materials.

We believe that healthy lifestyle is strongly linked to being ecologically friendly and looking after planet Earth. Our commitment to the environment we live in is so important that we constantly search for ways of reducing our carbon footprint. In Be Green we only use sustainable and safe materials. All our bottles are 100% recyclable and free of BPA.

Our Team

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