Nature should always be our main and best supplier, maintaining its structure and seeking sustainability of its resources. We are convinced that there is no better way to achieve it than by elaborating juices from organic fruits and vegetables.

By using only fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and without any additives, we created the perfect complement to a diet.

Be Green is a natural way of consuming fruits and vegetables. We make sure they do not contain preservatives, colourants, concentrates, added water, added sugars or the pasteurization. Be Green retain all natural benefits and flavours of our organic fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables only! Be Green juices are fun and refreshing to drink, and what is more important is that they are delicious and healthy.



All Be Green juices are made using responsibly sourced fruits and vegetables. Organic farming is much more than just an idea. It is a philosophy and lifestyle, which we identify with.

When we started our adventure with Be Green juices, our idea was to deliver as natural product as possible to our customers. It is only possible by staying true to our eco-friendly philosophy.

We consider a product to be natural and healthy only if it is free from pesticides, herbicides and all other chemical products added in conventional farming. This is why the base ingredients of our juices are non-negotiable and can´t be compromised. All of them are ORGANIC!

You are probably wondering what Cold Pressed is.

To start with, our excellent organic fruits and vegetables are collected and transported to a factory. We only use fresh products.

Our raw materials are washed in natural water before going through a fruit press machine, which allows us to obtain delicious juice without using heat during the process. Afterwards the different extracts are mixed, in order to obtain our tasty Be Green juice.

The importance of not using heat in the process resides in keeping the highest possible level of nutrients. We strive to produce juices which are as similar as possible to our raw materials. The entire process follows Health and Safety procedures.

Health and Safety is important to us, which is why we apply second innovative technique. It allows us to prolong the use-by date of our juices, and is called High pressure Process (HHP) which we explain in the following step/page/link.

In conclusion, by using the Cold-Pressed process we make sure that our bottled Be Green juices are fresh and replete with nutrients that come from raw materials.



To complete the Cold-Pressed process and make sure our juices are delivered fresh and with all their nutrients, High Pressure process (HPP) is used.

HPP is an innovative and safe process, which allows us to retain the essence of our fresh fruits and vegetables. Preservatives and pasteurization are not used.

How do we do it?

Our juices, once bottled, are put in a high-pressure chamber, which is filled with cold water. The bottles are under high pressure, which is equal to 60km under sea level. What is important is that heat is not used in this process.

HPP is an innovative non-thermal technique, which prolongs shelf life of our juices.

This non-aggressive technique is as safe and effective at eliminating microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast and mould) as the traditional pasteurization process. It is very important to mention that HPP apart from being safe allows us to maintain the majority of organoleptic properties and nutrients from our raw materials.

The final product is a juice in its purest state, which maintains the taste and nutrients of our organic fruits and vegetables, and it is produced according to Health and Safety procedures and standards.

Enjoy your Be Green!


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